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Meet Lane-O

"IF IT AIN'T LOVE IT AIN'T US!" This is the FOUNDATION of my story and the way I intentionally move about my life in all aspects including my music. Walk through my journey of lyrical inclination and growth as I speak truth to who LANE-O truly is. It's GO Time!

I express my love for creating and art through music! Ive been writing music for a few decades now. Music has always been a great way for me to express myself. It allows me to share parts of who I am with the World. In hopes that my stories can be a guiding voice for the hopeful and hopeless. The “thing” that sets me apart is my willingness to be vulnerable through my music.

People want someone they can relate to in a world that makes us feel so far part from each other. I use my music to talk about bridging the gaps in my community. I most pride of being a Father, While still pursuing a career in music. I’ve made it this far by first figuring out what was going to make me happy. It hasn’t been easy at all, but overcoming challenges is how I measure my ability. No one trains/practices to not use the skills they’ve acquired. My faith in GOD and myself have always been a major factor in my approach when difficult times present themselves.


One Lesson that has been crucial. Is to make a Plan! This year has been crazy to say the least, but having a plan for myself has giving me a since of security. Even though some plans get derailed, I found it easier to make adjustment to my plan verses having no plan at all. I want the world to know that my brand represents being an owner of your destiny. There are a lot of lanes on your road to success, choose one and own it!



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