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Three years ago, clarity dawned on me – my gift lay in translating life experiences into the art form of music.


The genesis of the album "Us" coincided with a pivotal life transition. Anticipating the arrival of our third child, I grappled with the choice between my dreams of a music career and the corporate path. Upon the birth of my son, I summoned the courage to take a leap of faith.


"Beautiful," the album's inaugural track, marked the inception of something magical. Reconnecting with my long-lost friend and co-executive producer, Stevie Buggz, breathed life into my vision. Throughout the album's creation, I embraced the lesson of loving a loser – finding self-love amidst triumphs and setbacks. This journey involved parting ways with situations and people, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of my aspirations. Self-understanding illuminated my capabilities, and I learned that my devotion to a higher purpose shields me from adversities. Through "Us," I aim to convey that the foundation of any collective endeavor begins within ourselves. While we stand boldly in our identity, the album also embraces the challenges – the 'hood smoke.'


The artist I've become owes everything to my family and steadfast supporters. Their unwavering belief propelled me to new heights. Rooted in community, support, love, and unity, the album is aptly titled "Us." Dedication to self-understanding is my contribution to the collective – if it ain't love, it ain't us. Featuring my son on the album cover symbolizes breaking the generational curse of fatherless men in my family. Welcoming my father into my home during the album's creation facilitated the healing of broken relationships and liberated the next generation. Amidst challenges, the album embodies my enduring hunger.


Love fuels my artistic expression, serves as the glue for my family, and connects us all. My daughters have both softened and toughened me in the right places, gifted by my wife. The album is a testament to my unyielding hunger for success. Art isn't crafted for consumers or audiences; it's an expression of personal joy and freedom. Those who appreciate my work are a welcomed bonus. In a world full of hype, I aspire for authenticity, urging people to embrace their true selves as artists. The only thoughts that matter are one's own.

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